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The main search engine that makes the information collected by Shodan available through a website.

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Keep track of all your devices that are directly accessible from the Internet. Shodan provides a comprehensive view of all exposed services to help you stay secure.

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Explore the world of Internet-connected devices using a map. Zoom in, pan around and narrow down results based on the GeoIP information.

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Shodan collects screenshots for many different services and as a member you get access to a new search interface that makes browsing those screenshots much easier.

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  ShodanHelp Center

Not sure where to get started? Check out our Help Center where we have articles for many common use cases. If there's something we're not yet answering there let us know!

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Data Services

  ShodanDeveloper API

All Shodan websites are built entirely on-top of the same public Shodan API that all of our users have access to.

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Full, unlimited access to all aspects of the Shodan platform - including bulk data access. The enterprise product gives organizations unprecedented insight about the Internet.

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Research Projects


A search engine for actual exploits based on what's available in ExploitDB and Metasploit.

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  InternetExposure Observatory

How secure is your country? The Internet Exposure Observatory provides a high-level view of the services that are exposed in a country.

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Shodan 2000

Explore the Internet in style using an 80's retro-futuristic interface to synthwave music.

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