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Beyondthe Web

Websites are just one part of the Internet. Use Shodan to discover everything from power plants, mobile phones, refrigerators and Minecraft servers.

MonitorNetwork Exposure

Keep track of all your devices that are directly accessible from the Internet. Shodan provides a comprehensive view of all exposed services to help you stay secure.


Learn more about who is using various products and how they're changing over time. Shodan gives you a data-driven view of the technology that powers the Internet.

More than 3 million registered users across the world are using Shodan, including:
  89% of the Fortune 100
 5 of the Top 6 Cloud Providers
 1,000+ Universities

Network Monitoring Made Easy

Within 5 minutes of using Shodan Monitor you will see what you currently have connected to the Internet within your network range and be setup with real-time notifications when something unexpected shows up.

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Shodan Monitor Dashboard
Programming Languages

Developers Developers!

The entire Shodan platform (crawling, IP lookups, searching, data streaming) is available to developers. Use our API to understand whether users are connecting from a VPN, whether the website you're visiting has been compromised and more.

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Comprehensive IP Enrichment across the Internet

Shodan crawls the entire Internet every week to give you a truly global perspective.

Browser Integrations

Get a quick view of a website's security by using the browser plugins for Shodan:

 Chrome Plugin    Firefox Plugin

Got Questions?

Check out the Shodan Help Center which answers the most frequently-asked questions and provides hands-on guides for common tasks:

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