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Last Seen: 2022-10-04


Hostnames 118-27-125-183.virt.lolipop.jp, tejasyogawear.com, www.tejasyogawear.com
Domains tejasyogawear.comlolipop.jp
Country Japan
City Saitama
Organization GMO Pepabo, Inc.
ISP GMO Internet,Inc
ASN AS7506


Note: the device may not be impacted by all of these issues. The vulnerabilities are implied based on the software and version.

CVE-2022-31628 In PHP versions before 7.4.31, 8.0.24 and 8.1.11, the phar uncompressor code would recursively uncompress "quines" gzip files, resulting in an infinite loop.
CVE-2022-31629 In PHP versions before 7.4.31, 8.0.24 and 8.1.11, the vulnerability enables network and same-site attackers to set a standard insecure cookie in the victim's browser which is treated as a `__Host-` or `__Secure-` cookie by PHP applications.


-981762652 | 2022-10-03T21:08:43.904039
80 / tcp
2115863073 | 2022-10-04T01:05:04.790187
443 / tcp

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