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Last Update: 2022-01-16


Note: the device may not be impacted by all of these issues. The vulnerabilities are implied based on the software and version.

CVE-2018-15919 Remotely observable behaviour in auth-gss2.c in OpenSSH through 7.8 could be used by remote attackers to detect existence of users on a target system when GSS2 is in use. NOTE: the discoverer states 'We understand that the OpenSSH developers do not want to treat such a username enumeration (or "oracle") as a vulnerability.'
CVE-2017-15906 The process_open function in sftp-server.c in OpenSSH before 7.6 does not properly prevent write operations in readonly mode, which allows attackers to create zero-length files.


-751515599 | 2022-01-16T18:21:34.238135
80 / tcp
-1441900418 | 2022-01-03T17:33:08.279976
443 / tcp
-1999465789 | 2022-01-09T01:11:48.136402
465 / tcp
-354295288 | 2022-01-07T03:06:51.583398
2222 / tcp

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